Yak Stack

Yak Stack Price List:

Please contact me for a quote for products and shipping costs.

Yak Stack Speaker Systems
Full Yak Stack*$815 (US)
Half Yak Stack$445 (US)
Yak Stack Accessories**
Full Yak Stack Nylon Bag$150 (US)
Half Yak Stack Nylon Bag$120 (US)
Yak Stack Stand Adapter Bracket*$35 (US)
Yak Stack Repair/Upgrade
Full Yak Stack Upgrade Kit$300 (US)
Half Yak Stack Upgrade Kit$150 (US)
Single Replacement Speaker$45 (US)
Yak Stack Handle Kit$40 (US)
Yak Stack Hinge Kit$15 (US)
Yak Stack Catch and Strike Kit$15 (US)
1/4 Jack and Jack Plate Kit$15 (US)

*Items with an asterisk can have modifications made for an additional fee.
**Get 10% off on all accessories when you purchase them with a Yak Stack.
Upgrade Kits include new speakers, sound dampening materials, 1/4 jack and wiring.
I have repair parts and can upgrade/repair your older Yak Stack.