Yak Stack

Here is the latest about Yak Stack:

Yak Stack Changeover
I would like to say thank you to Paul Cote for working to keep many of the Square and Round Dance companies alive and moving forward. First, he took over Hilton Audio Products, then DOSADO.com and Yak Stack. I know that the activity appreciates his efforts! Thank you, Paul! 😊 Many of you already know, I have acquired the Yak Stack business and brand from Paul effective December 1, 2018. I am excited about this endeavor!

Future of Yak Stack
As the new owner of Yak Stack, I am making a couple of changes. First, I am changing from the laminate “wood” to a modern “granite” look. Second, I am changing the tonal qualities of the speaker to what I believe is the best balance between fidelity of sound (what we all want) and vocal clarity (what we all need). While some callers found some things lacking in Yak Stack, I believe all the speaker system needed was a “tuning” (or “retuning”) of the cabinet to match the speaker elements. Tuning requires finding the exact right media (type/amount) for sound dampening. I have spent MANY meticulous hours calculating/listening/measuring the changes on a graph using “spectral analysis” software. I even enlisted my favorite sound engineer to listen and compare graphs/data. Thanks, Buzzy! So far I have built two “half Yaks” (including cabinets) and I am really pleased with the new look and I LOVE the new and improved sound 😊.

Why me?
I have used Yak Stacks since I first started calling over 35 years ago. I have tried many other speakers and always find myself drawn back to the Yak. I have seen the evolution of Yak Stack and am very familiar with its rich history. I am very proud to have my name associated with this product. I have been around audio my entire life! I have spent much time studying audio, I worked with sound/mixing equipment/amplifiers/speakers (I am a bit of tech guy) and I have spent many hours in recording studios. I teach electricity, electronics, logic programming, instrumentation and math at a technical school here in Lawton, OK. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and an Associate in Science in Manufacturing Technology. If you are a customer of Crest/Acme/Peak you know that I stand behind my products and am always ready to help provide quality customer service. I also have a vested interest in our activity and Like Paul, I want to save our Square and Round Dance companies.

What is next?
So now that I have the look and sound that I want, I must get the product out to market. Around the first part of January I intend to have the website up and running where you will be able to order parts/accessories for Yak Stack products. I hope to be able to take some preorders for Yaks at that time as well. My plan is to have half Yaks and full Yaks ready to sell/ship by the end of January. I realize that there are many fine companies and outstanding people making and selling speakers, but Yak Stack has stood the test of time since the 1960’s and I want to see it continue! The new tagline for Yak Stack is going to be “Don’t take it for granite!” No matter what experience you’ve had with Yak Stack in the past, PLEASE take a listen, take a look at the all new Yak Stack you might just find you LOVE it like I do!